Our manufacturing industry solution offer shop floor to top floor solutions where real-time manufacturing data are integrated with ERP and Supply chain solutions.

The Increasing usage of embedded software in the product enables them to be more intelligent bringing with it the challenge of the huge amount of equipment data that needs be processed and analyzed to produce meaningful insights. This is where we excel.

Growing pressures from a cost and compliance perspective are forcing manufacturers to change the way they do business. There is a growing need to have complete transparency on the shop floor coupled with the availability of real-time information for effective decision making. Organizations need to filter massive amounts of data and present it to the right role/person at the right time and at the right place.

The success of this is apparent in the fact that many manufacturing companies are in the process of deploying these MES systems across the organizations since it helps eliminate errors and information latency of a regular manual system. The typical manufacturing IT landscape as defined by ISA95 depicts the important role a Manufacturing Execution System at Level 3 (L3) of Manufacturing Operations.


We provide a best in class and user friendly Manufacturing Execution system which provides various functional modules:

  • Order Management
  • Material and Equipment Management
  • Control System Data acquisition
  • Performance Analysis
  • Quality Management
Our product integrates top floor to shop floor systems providing seamless interfaces to ERP systems and other shop floor control systems.User friendly operator screens provide the operators exact and concise information of the job/batch at hand. Supervisors / Managers are provided with aggregated dashboards for effective decision making and shop floor control.

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The solution involved the flowing services:

Brand Identity Design, Website Design, Website Development, User Interaction Design, UI / UX Development, PHP Coding